How the Expert Network Platform Works

Submit your requirement

Enter a detailed description of your needs along with your contact details. We will match your requirement to find the most relevant highly specialized Experts and Consultants in our network and on our platform.

Receive communication from our team

Within a few hours to a few days, we shortlist typically 3-4 Experts and share brief summary of their qualifications, a description about why they are a good fit, and a link to their full profiles for you to review.

Engage with Experts

Once you shortlist we will set up your communication with them. You can engage with these experts for one off consulting, short term projects or long term consulting projects and pay the Experts through Experts Networks

Pricing & Plans

Whether you are an Individual, Private Equity, Venture Capital firm sourcing an expert for investment advise,a Market Research or Management Consulting firm conducting primary market research for a client, a Fortune 1000 Corporation seeking an expert to provide a insight on a new technology or market opportunity, or a high growth startup looking for advise , our pricing and plans are build keeping in mind all requirements

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