Metals & Mining Industry Consultants

Metals & mining industry has unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our pool of experts not only has consultants with experience with large corporate groups but also include metallurgists, geologists, mining engineers, and data engineers from various parts of the world. We are the preferred platform to connect with Metals & Mining Industry Experts. 


Our selection criteria of empanelling experts in this category focuses on advanced degree and a very strong academic record in metallurgy, geology, or mining engineering. Most of our experts have deep work experience in the metals-and-mining industry.


Some of the projects worked are by them in their career are –

  • Battery Metals consultation projects
  • Metal Boxes leasing and Purchase
  • Commodities Valuation in Steel Value Chain
  • Location Study Mining Assets
  • Growth Drivers of Steel commodities in future
  • Chemical Coatings Consultation and Technical Insights 

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